Abdominal Cancer

Abnormal cells grouped at an organ will become a cancer. Benign tumor and malignant tumor is a cancer types. Malignant tumor is cancerous but benign tumor is not. Abdominal Cancer is a wide area cancer types. The following is other forms of Abdominal Cancer:

Treatment for Abdominal Cancer – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment

Acupuncture is original from China. It had a very long history. Since 5000 years ago, China had started using acupuncture to treat their disease. They found that using a sharp stone point on a specific location on the skin can release some pain. After the physician try to use needles to insert into the people skins, they found needles are more effective to treat the disease.  After a few centuries, acupuncture had come out with several of acupuncture types. The most famous acupuncture type is moxibustion and electro acupuncture.

Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment becomes much more famous to treat cancer. Acupuncture and herbal can strength the ‘Qi’ in the patient body. The ‘Qi’ will help the good cells to fight with the bad cells and clear all the cancer cells in our body.

The Tole Acupuncture and Chinese herbal centre is one of the famous medical centre to treat cancer. Chinese Master had his own herbal formula to treat the cancer patients. The special formula had showed the good result in the previous cases that handled by Chinese Master. Chinese Master planted the herbal himself in his garden. The reason he planted the herbal himself is because this can make sure the quality of the herbal. He believes if the herbal are good, the herbal can treat the patient more effective.

Chinese Master recommends his patient to start Acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment at the same time. This could help the patient to see the result in a short period. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment are more effectively than just one of it.

Cancer treatment period are depends for the types of cancer, stage of cancer and other factors.



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